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Frequently Asked Questions

We do a lot of things and frequently receive questions regarding how
we can help upstarts become successful. Product developers often get
bogged down bringing creations to market for many reasons and
ultimately they fail. We have a successful strategy forged by bringing
several of our own products to market and that gives us a great place
to start helping others. Here are some of the questions we get asked
specifically by product developers.
Q. What does it cost to develop and bring a new product to
A. It depends on the product and what the product is expected to
sale for.

Q. Your seasonings contain no additives or preservatives. Does
that mean they spoil easier?
A. No, when the tops are put back on, they last as long as all the
other seasonings you find in stores.
Q. Do you sell replacement heads for the last brush?
A. Yes, the bristles will wear out instead of the surface of the

Q. Can the last brush be used on non-stick grills?
A. Absolutely not, this brush will remove a non-stick surface
completely !!!!!

Q. Do you have seasonings for people with food allergies?
A. Yes, most are safe for people with allergies. The ingredient list
on the products are accurate. We don't want to make anyone
Because our crafted seasonings do
not contain anti-caking additives or
preservatives, they tend to cake up
so make sure you put the top on or
order a Morter and Pestle for that
fresh ground flavor. We strive to
make seasonings that are healthy for
you as opposed to having ingredients
you may not be able to pronounce.
Doesn't mean that you can eat
unhealthy things just because you
use our seasonings. You may find
yourself adding a bit of salt because
we want our products consumable by
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