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Secured By Design

Pages - 1140
ISBN - 978-1-7349512-0-2 (Softcover - $54.95)
ISBN - 978-1-7349512-1-9 (e-Book - $34.95)
Secured By Design is a composition of industry Best Practices and lessons learned over 40 years in the technology business. Almost every day we hear about another hack and theft of a companies data including private information for these systems store

Also targets of opportunity are sites containing sensitive personal information offered for resale on the dark web to the highest bidder. To be clear, there is a LOT of money in theft of personal information making securing that data all the more important.

Topics covered include encryption both at rest and over the wire, preventive maintenance, monitoring, and reporting for each item in the stack. To be clear, compromising systems is an ongoing challenge for any company and topics covered in this book are a great place to start. Also covered are methods for collecting and processing data necessary for reporting, Governance, and providing proactive knowledge when someone is after your data.

Hacks are described and chilling examples are available detailing how IT happened. Many examples sound like common sense or "I knew that", but some of the most destructive intrusions happened because of poor maintenance of IT systems for whatever reason.

Securing systems is an ongoing process and when you are done implementing the best protection available, it's time to start protecting yourself for the next best threat - because it's coming. The mindset that all vectors into your system are subject to target is covered in this book. A lot has been put into this book. The next volume is on the board covering additional areas of concern based on evolving threats.

Should inside or outside threats exist, the contents  of this book will convey to hackers that your site is closed to their business.
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