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We take pride in the products we develop and bring to market. All our products
represent a solution to a problem we faced. Difficult situations inspire ingenious
solutions. Our line of seasonings resolves the problem of removing man made
chemicals from our diets. The grill cleaning brush solves the problem of getting
burned when cleaning a grill. The rod sock protects rods from hitting bulk heads
on boats while under way. As the English proverb says, "Necessity is the mother of
One common misstep inventors make is valuing their products. What you think
something is worth versus what someone is willing to pay for it can be quite far
apart. Understanding and controlling manufacturing costs drive what something
can be made for per unit and that drives what a product can realistically be
sold for. Putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer you must ask yourself if
you would be willing to determine what you would be willing to pay for your
own idea regardless of how fantastic you think the product is or what problem
(s) it will solve. Honesty with yourself is the greatest any inventor can have to
be successful launching any new product.

Cookin Wit' Gus
The Rod Sock
Our line of seasonings are carefully
blended using the finest all natural
ingredients. Many seasonings you find in
stores contain additives to increase shelf
life and enhance flavors. These seasonings
are perfect for those who want to control
what they take into their bodies and we've
hit a home run. The next time you're in the
store, look at the ingredients on the
bottles. I guarantee you will have problems
pronouncing some of the additives.
While boats are underway, the bouncing
on the water causes rods in racks to bang
against each other and bulk heads. This is
bad for rod tips and can chip guides or
snap the rod at the thinnest spot. This
sock insulates the rod from the bulk head
reducing the possibility of shattering the
rod. Tips can be repaired but they're never
the same after the repair - if they can be
This brush solves the problems of getting
burned due to short handled brushes, wire
from the brush transferring to the grills
surface and getting into the food, and
longevity. We get years out of our brushes
but it all depends on how often you use
them. If you wear out the head, no
worries, we have replacements.
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Many fantastic products fail to make it to market for one reason or another. Products that are not carefully thought through for functionality and market placement. Every inventor wants to make money on their creations so they must be honest about the value. Identification of all steps along the entire lifecycle are key to the success of a new item. Precise execution at all levels needs to happen to minimize mistakes requiring re-make or at worst, total re-design.
The Last Brush