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Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Pages - 540
ISBN - 978-1-7349512-2-6 (Softcover - $54.95)
ISBN - 978-1-7349512-3-3 (e-Book - $34.95)
What is Enterprise Manager Cloud Control?

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is system management software that delivers centralized monitoring, administration, and life cycle management functionality for the complete IT infrastructure, including systems running Oracle and non-Oracle technologies.

This book documents functions provided by this product and contains real world implementation strategies, decisions, considerations, and industry recognized "Best Practices" for implementing large scale maintenance and monitoring.

What you will find in this book are steps for performing tasks Enterprise Manager was built to perform resulting in streamlining business operations. Those operations include automated patching, job submission, notification methods, low level database monitoring, performance management, and many many other tasks teams of administration perform today.   

This book was written using actual implementation steps, decision points, and explores migrations from multiple disparate sources into one platform accessible by everyone. Questions asked by auditors and new people to the organization no longer need to be asked because Enterprise Manager contains answers to their questions.

Implementing a single source for truth has never been more important as technology stacks are not what they were just 10 years ago. Oracle has provided a platform that solves problems that in some cases have not been asked.

Having worked with many company technology teams, there are as many areas with the same processes and conversely, many companies where their processing needs couldn't be more different. The good news is this book will show you how they can be combined resulting is better integration even between well functioning teams.

Order your copy today, you won't be disappointed !!!
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