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Offering a service to individuals or Businesses have one thing in common, that
service must be crisp, effective, and keeps customers coming back for more.
Having worked for and with professional services firms over my 30+ years in
corporate America has taught me a lot about how NOT to deliver value to
customers. Weather you are interested in starting a business or have an
established operation, there is always a need to stay current. Our business
services encompasses startup activities on through an existing business review,
and sustainment. For startups, we can deliver business and/or marketing plans
specifically for the business, internet access, email, and other web services to
name a few. For all businesses, financing (or lack of) is the make or break

We offer business plan and Marketing plan development services specificallly
tailored to the new or existing business. Extensive research is done during
preparation of these plans so that accurate and effective decisions can be made
contributing to success of the business. These decisions are often used to secure
financing as they show the business has been thoroughly thought through.
Have you ever looked for something you could not find anywhere for some
project you were working on? One of our services called Junk Drawer Online
was built to do just that. Find items in the background if it's not already in
our site. Once we find the item, the buyer and seller are linked via email and
they complete the sale. Items are listed for $1.50 and stay on the site until
sold for no additional fees. There are no setup fees or renewal costs and you
are free to list as many items you would like. We recommend you visit the
site for complete details.
For inventors, we offer a service where you list your item once and it stays
on the site essentially forever. There are a LOT of companies that say they
will help bring your invention to market but based on experience, you're
better off without them.

Our site, Next Best Invention, is where inventors can display their items to
potential manufacturers. We have a mailing list for manufacturers we generate
and send emails to based on the category the item is listed in. Perspective
manufacturers can search the site and contact you when there is mutual

For inventers, you retain full control of your item through our website. Our
task is to assist in getting items in front of manufacturers. There is a one-time
cost for listing your item and it should be considered an advertising cost.
Please view the site and contact us if you have questions.
Junk Drawer Online
Business Services
This service is near and dear to our hearts.
Inventors need a place to inexpensively
showcase their inventions, investors and
manufacturers need a place to "beat the brush"
for new items. There are no fees for creating an
account and manufacturers or potential
investor accounts. Please take a look, we did
things the hard way.
Starting and maintaining a business is a
daunting task that's prone to mistakes. 
Another service we offer is a complete end-to-
end service portfolio for spinning up a new
business, adding to, or changing how a business
operates. We support licensing, web site
hosting, web site development, SSL, domain
registration, and a whole host of other needs
for businesses.

We can do a lot of things based on building our
own businesses. Click above to take you to our
site where you can see what we have to offer.
And by all means, please give us a call, we would
love to help !!!!
This site was built after looking for an item in a
cluttered garage. It became obvious to me that
I had a lot of un-used items that could have been
repurposed, thrown away, or offered up for sale
in the form of an online flea market. Inexpensive
items that someone may be interested in.

Junk Drawer Online caters mostly to hobby
enthusiasts, businesses, and anyone with things
they would like to dispose of that may have
some value after all these years. Buyers looking
for items we don't have can add that item to our
wish list. Buyer accounts are free. Two things
then happen, we look for the item for you and
send an email alerting the buyer the item is in
the site. We will be adding functionality where
sellers can view wish list items in 2019. Seller
accounts are free, they just need to purchase
ad spaces to list the item. Please visit the site
and see what we have to offer.
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