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System security has always been of deep interest and today, it's more of threat to
businesses and countries everywhere. Intellectual property theft has always been a
problem companies faced. It's easier and cheaper to steal than to innovate, just
don't get caught. Threats come from the inside and the outside, it's an unanswered
question as to which poses the most risk. There is agreement that protection is top
priority to prevent loss of property and having it used against us.
Our approach to delivering servers for new systems is with security in mind.
Newer hardware supports technology like encryption onboard so we take
advantage of what is onboard, enable operating system security and if an
RDBMS is to be installed, implement that as well. Network security is also a
part of the configuration so that what you have is a platform totally enabled
for security.

One complaint we have heard is all the security has an adverse effect on
performance. What I have found is there is no real performance hit associated
with encryption that justifies running non-secured systems.
Businesses facing the possibility of having to retrofit existing systems face a
completely different set of challenges. Our toolbox contains what is necessary
to evaluate a system and make determinations on how best to move forward.
Decisions may include what to upgrade, what to replace, and what can be
changed to tighten down the hatches. With 30+ years in the business, we've
seen a lot go right an wrong and we bring that to the table.
System Security Plan
Penetration Testing
Server Hardening

Protecting your server begins with limiting who
has legitimate access to it physically and over
the wire.  Free wheeling access can be the kiss
of death. Failure to protect the root password
caused a large organization a serious problem.
Hardening and password protection is step 1 in
our plan.
Network Securing

Devices and the wire are attack vectors
susceptible to inside and outside attacks. Is this
something in your current plan? It certainly is a
part of our plan and is the second step in our
system security plan.
Data Sources

This is the "Honey Hole" for hackers looking to
steal company data. This usually contains
sensitive data in all shapes and forms. Identity
theft is a major crime that has ruined many a
consumer. These breeches are well documented
against retailers. We have implemented
solutions as part of the third pillar of
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The fourth and final tier in our system security
methodology includes penetration testing. Our
toolbox contains tools to test each component
in the stack.

We can effectively target a server, web server,
relational database, network devices or the
wire itself with finesse or brute force just like
an external hacker would.

The result is reporting detailing any
vulnerability found doing testing for your