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The Rod Sock

Fishing rods have gone high tech and their prices reflect those new designs and
materials. Many times they get damaged in transit to and from the water, or while
on the water in transit to the next fishing spot.

This product was designed as a cover that protects fishing rods from being
scratched, dinged, or otherwise damaged usually during transportation.  Rod tips
are flexable by design and do not discriminate between being in transit or loaded
up with fish. That being said, this sock provides protection while not being used
for fishing.

Made from soft, machine washable cotton, this product fits more like an athletic
sock over the fishing rod. How it works is the the cover is slid over the outbound
end of the rod, pulled down past the reel, and slid over the rod butt. The sock is
then secured using a draw string so it cannot fly off due to wind.
We have succeeded in delivering a product that extends the life of an
expensive purchase. Fishermen pride themselves in having the best tools of
their trade and spend large amounts of money for the latest and greatest.
Graphite rods are the most sensitive and protecting them is easier now that
we have released this product. I am a fishermen and have felt the gut
wrenching loss of a favorite rod - just when you need it.
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The Rod Sock has been made in six lengths
from 5 feet to 11 feet. We have made them
wide enough to accommodate spinning rods 
with their larger guides. With spinning rods,
this gives a snugger fit if eyes are large
requiring the sock to stretch.

The sock is made 4-6 inches longer than the
rod to ensure the draw string can be pulled
tightly once the rod has been inserted into
the sock. This is important because while
under way wind can blow things around and
we'd hate for you to lose your sock.
Wholesale Sales Welcomed

We are actively looking to expand and sell these
socks to sporting goods retailers. Call or send us an
email and we will respond within 24 hours to your
inquiry !!!!
Rod Protection

Any fisherman who's carried rods to or from
the boat worry about graphite rods
especially, banging against each other or
against the hull. Under load fighting a fish,
those rods could splinter and effectively
become useless. You may not know there's a
problem until you're fighting a fish. This
product can protect rods from that banging
against each other or anything else.
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