This product was designed as a cover that protects fishing rods from being scratched, dinged, or otherwise damaged usually during transportation.  Rod tips are flexable by design and do not discriminate between being in transit or loaded up with fish. That being said, this sock provides protection while not being used for fishing.

Made from soft, machine washable cotton, this product fits more like an athletic sock over the fishing rod. How it works is the the cover is slid over the outbound end of the rod, pulled down past the reel, and slid over the rod butt. On boats, rods are subjected to the same pitching and rocking while underway at the expense of the rod. Chips, dings, and broken tips are frequent contributors to   rods being replaced sooner than expected..
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We have suceeded in delivering a product that extends the life of an expensive purchase. Fishermen pride themselves in having the best tools of their trade and spend large amounts of money for the latest and greatest. Graphite rods are the mose sensitive and protecting them is now easier now that we have released this product. We are fishermen and have felt the gut wrenching loss of a favorite rod. For more information about TheRodSock click HERE.
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