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The Last Brush

Remember the last time you bought a grill cleaning brush that did NOT live up to
your expectations? Probably the last time you bought one. Typical brushes do not
work well, last long, and are often subject to melting. We were there and as a
result, built a brush that has fully met the expectations of all who have purchased
one. The Last Brush was designed out of frustration, specifically to clean bar-b-
que grills and smokers without being consumed by smoke, heat, and hot grease;
not to mention lasting longer than one season.

Here are the key benefits our brush has over the competition:
Make no mistake, this brush was not made to be disposable. The original
prototype brush was used for six years before we put it out to pasture. Having
such a long handle seemed like an impediment until you use it. The grill
masters using the brush inhale less smoke when using the brush. That blast of
heat when you open a grill is less noticeable when scraping the surface. And
when you're done, the brush has a convenient leather strap for hanging. We
are very proud of this product because it solved several problems, of which
some were not even considered when we built the prototype.
Most people who have handled this brush have bought one on the SPOT. Several
have been sold when I was at BBQ's or competitions and using it because they had
the same need that drove development of The Last Brush. Wire brushes you find
on the market leave bristles on the grill surface that often end up in the food.
The differentiator between my brush and those are the quality of steel in the
bristles. These bristles are large, hard, and do not break off or get dislodged from
the wood head. They do wear and that's because you're scraping steel against
steel. I'm sure we can get bristles that don't break but that would be at the
expense of the grills surface. When the heads wear out, we offer replacement
heads inexpensively and replacement requires only a screwdriver and removal of
one screw.

This brush is NOT to be used on coated,
non-stick surfaces. Our brush will 
completely remove these coatings and we
will not be liable due to product misuse.

Using this brush on coated, non-stick
surfaces is not recommended and will
result in the COMPLETE and THOROUGH
removal of the non-stick surface.
Shorter Handle

We have had some inquiries for making a
brush with a shorter handle. If you would
be interested in a shorter handle please
email us and let us know.

Our claim as king of the grill brushes has
been substantiated in a comparison against
several brushes you find anywhere BBQ
grills can be purchased. The comparison
includes a before and after use of each
brush and if you frequently BBQ, it will be
very clear why this brush is the best. No
more getting your hands burned cleaning a
hot grill with effectively disposable

Lastly, The Last Brush can be purchased in
quantities for businesses and is also
available for export. Many have been
shipped to companies outside the United
States. This has been a very successful
product because it solves problems
associated with brushes you buy in stores.
Heads Up !!!

We named this product "The Last Brush"
not because it will never wear out, but 
because after you have used this brush,
you will never want to use another. This
brush  was created out of frustration with
brushes you find in BBQ stores everywhere
that do not  last and makes it extremely
likely you will burn yourself while cleaning
a hot grill.
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Long Steel Bristles (1 inch)
Steel Scraping Head
Extended 36 Inch Long Wooden Handle
Leather Strap For Hanging
The Last Brush is a registered trademark !!!!