The Last Brush

Remember the last time you bought a grill cleaning brush that did NOT live up to your expectations? Probably the last time you bought one. Typical brushes do not work well, last long, and are often subject to melting. We were there and as a result, built a brush that has fully met the4 expectations of all who have purchased one. The Last Brush was designed out of frustration, specifically to clean bar-b-que grills and smokers without being consumed by smoke, heat, and hot grease; not to mention lasting longer than one season.

Here are the key benefits our brush has over the competition:

             Long Steel Bristles (1 inches)
             Steel Scraping Head
             Extended 36 Inch Long Wooden Handle
             Leather Strap For Hanging

Make no mistake, this brush was not made to be disposable. The original prototype brush was used for six years before we put it out to pasture. Having such a long handle seemed like an impediment until you use it. The grill masters using the brush inhale less smoke when using the brush. That blast of heat when you open a grill is less noticable when scraping the surface. And when you're done, the brush has a convenient leather strap for hanging. We are very proud of this product because it solved several problems, of which some were not even considered when we built the prototype.

More information about TheLastBrush including photos is available
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