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The Next Best Invention was designed as a place where inventors can advertise products they have created. That site is not to be confused with companies making claims they can get your invention in the hands of those who will manufacture and/or bring it to market. The only purpose is to provide a place where venture capitalist, manufacturers, etc can see the product and make contact with the innovator. Advertising an invention on our site contains a one time charge and the item remains on the site as long as we are in business.

It is expected that any invention listed on the site has the proper protection as we clearly state WE assume no liability should an idea be taken and produced without the expressed permission of the items owner.

We are innovators and use this site to showcase our inventions. What we do is actively market our site to manufacturers who will make the product and those who have interest in financing new products. Site use requires registration by the inventor and login when adding items to the site. Each innovator displaying their items is asked for enough information when creating the item listing so that viewers know items in the site are protected by USA laws. No innovator information is exchanged between our company and interested parties. When an investor is interested in an item, the owning innovator is contacted via email who then contacts the investor. Our only involvement is listing the item and advertising to manufacturers and investors. Other than the listing fee, we get no other fees or payments.

Invention Advertising Expectation

We do not offer or imply, any guarantee any item listed on our site will be picked up by an investor or manufacturing company and hope inventors properly protect their products. It is our hope that advertising on our site helps bring new products to market and assume no liability should the end result be anything but positive. In at least 46 states, a well-written, properly administered waiver, voluntarily signed by an adult, can protect service providers from liability for injuries resulting from the ordinary negligence of the provider, its employees and its agents. Note, however, that not all waivers protect in the lenient states and not all waivers fail in the strict states. We require out clients review and agree to our liability release statement. The site is available by going
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We are always working on a new product as a result of talking with our partners or our own innovations. If you would like to stay notified when we release a new product, please signup for our monthly newsletter and follow us on twitter. If you have a product and would like assistance bringing it to market, we will gladly share our secrets and contacts. Marketing others companies products is not our primary objective and we avoid any perception that we will help inventors market their products like many companies today.
We are in the services market as a result of struggling to build our own operations. What we bring to the table under services is knowledge of the market and business to offer so that you can establish your own operations faster and certainly more efficiently for new business managers. With our "all in one" offering" you can sole-source many aspects of any new  business resulting in lower operating activities and costs. We truly want to be your business partner as long as you see value during startup and sustainment.
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