JunkDrawerOnline was built to provide a no-frills, low-cost internet based advertising space for the express purpose of buying and sell items. For buyers, the site can be searched and if no matches exist, there is a "wish list" functionality where the item they are searching for can be listed. When that item comes into the site, the buyer is notified who can then look at the item(s) can contact the seller. The site is marketed to anyone with something to buy or sell. Take the example of a buyer who restores vehicles, they can enter what they are looking for and sellers posessing that specific item are matched either as the result of a manual search, or our background search functionality.

JunkDrawerOnline Buyers

Generally, a buyer is any person or business who contracts to acquire an asset in return for some form of consideration. No differentiation or considerations were made between individual buyers or business buyers during development of JunkDrawerOnline. The interntion was to make it easy for buyers to locate what they were looking for by providing an easy to use interface with a background search feature such that their searches were "launch and forget". This was accomplished successfully and the customers (buyers) perceptin has been positive. Buyers can be annyone with internet access and there is no cost to use our site for buying. This makes for a wide audience of buyers and sellers. The only caveot is that anything bought is legal for purchase in all 50 states.

JunkDrawerOnline Sellers

Sellers are classified as anyone who has something they would like to sell. Sellers can be individuals or businesses, we do not differentiate. Everyone has something stored away they no longer use, or plan to use. These items are often old, obsolete, or just not needed. What we found during researching the feasability of this site is there are collectors, or ordinary people looking for things no longer available for purchase through retail outlets. There are large internet sites built around this concept but where we differ is the one-time, low cost listing fee. The value this brings to the customer is their listing expires when the item is sold. Other sites offer free listings but charge a percentage on the back-end against the selling cost. It was determined that our low cost model has been very successful even in the retail space. You can go directly to JunkDrawerOnline by clicking HERE
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We are in the services market as a result of struggling to build our own operations. What we bring to the table under services is knowledge of the market and business to offer so that you can establish your own operations faster and certainly more efficiently for new business managers. With our "all in one" offering" you can sole-source many aspects of any new  business resulting in lower operating activities and costs. We truly want to be your business partner as long as you see value during startup and sustainment.
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