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Junk Drawer Online

Junk Drawer Online was created out of frustration. I was looking for something
but could not find it anywhere, about a week later I found what I was looking for.
Looking through a ton of stuff I never use gave me the idea of building a site
where people in the same situation could search for hard to find items with a
twist. Junk Drawer Online provides that facility for a small listing fee. It became
obvious my garage was filed with things I'll never use again others may need for
projects or to solve a problem. You never know what somebody may be on the
hunt for.
Many homeowners don't pay attention to how much they accumulate over
time and usually get a full grasp of the problem when they need to clean out
the garage. Apartment dwellers also have the same problem when suddenly
their storage space begins to run over and out onto the floor. Many times you
may still need these items, sometimes you don't, growth and accumulation
are a part of life. So what are you going to do, get a storage unit ? People are
looking to downsize or right size every day and they need a place for the
stuff they want to keep. What we have seen is storage units fill up and you're
back to where you started from. It would be simple enough to throw
unneeded things in the garbage but why not have fun making money?
Enter stage left, Junk Drawer Online. People have the ability to search for
items they want, list their items they would like to dispose of, or have the
sire alert them when something they can't find is in the site, comes into the
site. Searching for items is free, Buyers accounts are free, Seller accounts are
free until you want to list an item(s) for sale. As a buyer, you must login so
that when you find an item you're interested in purchasing sufficient data is
available to link buyers with sellers.

When buyers find an item they are interested in, they check a box and click a
button that results in the buyer and seller receiving an interest email. The
buyer and seller then get together and complete the sale.

The website offers links to all shippers and payment processors so that buyers
and sellers complete their transactions securely.

That is why this site was created, and that's the value buyers and sellers
receive while helping each other. Ask yourself, is that item taking up  space
worth more than the $1.50 it will cost to list it for sale? You just might make
some ones day.
Our Role
Our role is to provide a stable and secure
platform for buyers and sellers to link up and do
business. There are sites that also serve the
same purpose, we go the extra mile and find
items for you.
Background Search

When items are not immediately available in the
site, buyers can request they be notified when
those items become available. The Junk Drawer
Online crew are actively pursuing items not in
the site and work with the owners to get these
items listed for sale. Once items become
available, the buyer is notified and they sale can
be negotiated.

This happens completely in the background and
costs nothing to the buyer. If you're working on
a special project, having a website locate those
items frees you up to do other things.
Site Users
Buyers or sellers can be individuals or
businesses. This site works well for businesses
who have extra our outdated inventory or
equipment looking to dispose of it.
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