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Cookin Wit' Gus

What better way to showcase recipes and cooking products being used by Grill
Master and Chef extraordinaire "Gus". Now, to be honest, GUS is not his real name
because this mystery maestro of the kitchen wants to remain anonymous. What
we will tell you about "Gus" is he loves to cook and uses the best products
available to create his masterpieces. What his site aims to do is share tips for
creating the best meal you have ever had along with the tools he uses. Not to be
stingy, the site will tell you where these products can be purchased and we
strongly encourage you to take a look and join the "Gus Tools" fraternity. Joining
the fraternity means you have purchased one of these fantastic products.
Our real claim to fame are the meticulously crafted seasonings and sauces sold
under the label "Cookin Wit' Gus". All are made with natural ingredients and
are made with no additives or preservatives. What the says is the labels tell
you exactly what is being consumed. Store bought seasonings contain
additives to prevent clotting and to extend the life of the product. Cookin
Wit' Gus seasonings have none of that and you have the opportunity to taste
the food and not some additive with a name you can't pronounce.
Gus uses many different utensils when preparing food. Many of which are
highlighted along with where they can be purchased. Cooking related items
go far beyond simple tools of the trade used to handle. For the professional,
these are products made to solve specific problems or introduce new ideas for
preparing food. Gus would rather classify food preparation utensils as a
specific type of indoor or outdor kitchen utensil, designed for use in the
preparation of food. Cooking encompasses a vast range of methods, tools and
combinations of ingredients to improve the flavor or digestibility of food. It
generally requires the selection, measurement and combining of ingredients
in an ordered procedure in an effort to achieve the desired result. Gus will
show you how to use products and techniques.
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We have a list of recipes representing a
collection from all over the world, and almost
anything you can eat. We have recipes for
meats, vegetables, drinks, fruits, deserts,
breads, and whatever else we find - or are sent.
There is no longer the need to struggle with
finding something pleasing to the palate, and
different. Recipes you will find on the site range
from the simple to gourmet, heart healthy to
"eat at your own risk". Since these recipes come
from all around the world, we hope you find
something new and exciting, and will email us
and let us know your experience with a recipe
"Gus" puts out there. And of course, if you have
something special, please tell us about it and we
may publish it.
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Our most recent addition to the website are
hot sauces from reputable manufacturers
around the United States. Their heat ranges
from mild to molten and boy, do we have
some choices. Some of them are too hot for
me so I'll leave the testing to those more up
for a burn off challenge - if you know what I

We will be adding new items as we find
them. The intention is to build a product
portfolio to cover anything you may need
for preparing and enjoying food. That
portfolio includes seasonings, tools, and