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Business Partners Of America

We're here to help make you succeed in business, period. Let us offer you
outstanding assistance for getting your business up and running while you go off
and do the things that keep it running. Starting a business can be extremely
challenging but with tremendous rewards. Let us take the load off your shoulders
by doing for you what we know best and do well. Obtaining financing to start
and/or maintaining a buniness requires a strong plan for executing what will make
you successful. We excel at developing plans that give you exactly what financiers
expect to see.

OK, so you're in business, things are going well but to grow your business
requires a strong marketing plan. Let us develop that crisp, professional plan
targeted specifically to meet the needs of your business. If your current plan is
not delivering the necessary results, let us review your plan and earn your
business by providing an updated version. Business Partners of America can also
assist with cost containment. The leaner you can run the more profitable you
can be. Our service offerings are geared specifically such that we offer and
manage critical IT infrastructure tools like email, conferencing, and document
Making decisions to engage the services of a new company can be tough. To
help in that process, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to contact
us and ask any and all questions. A successful business launch is often
preceded by partnerships that work.

We feel that a healthy relationship is built around communications so it is our
intention to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us. Below is our
contact information and we urge you to contact us with any question you may
Value Add
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We will always make ourselves available to
our customers using our services. With over
30 years working with different business
sectors, we bring a perspective based on
seeing what has worked and what has not.
Part of that knowledge gained is the need to
talk directly with partners when there are
questions, comments, or anything important
to you and your business. A toll-free number
is available so that you can reach us when
you need to and at our cost. Of course, email
is always available.
Service Offerings

Our service offerings are designed to
provide your business with advantages and
value. We operate and manage these
services so the only requirement of your
organization is to use them. This is the
"Software As A Service" model and supports
the cloud computing model currently
delivering value to customers. The value in
this model is lower IT infrastructure costs.
Business Partners of America welcomes the
opportunity to earn your business.
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