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We are a product development and business services company whose purpose is to innovate, engineer, and deliver quality products and services. Our products are specific and target everyday consumer challenges with seemingly simple solutions. Services we are able to deliver are based on years of industry expertise and a forward facing focus on the future. What we bring to the table is experienced gained by watching business evolution over time specifically as it relates to use of technology. We pass this expertise to our customers when crafting and delivering services to our customers.

Current Product Portfolio

In business and engineering, new product development (NPD) is the complete process of bringing a new product to market. A product is a set of benefits offered for exchange and can be tangible (that is, something physical you can touch) or intangible (like a service, experience, or belief). There are two parallel paths involved in the NPD process: one involves the idea generation, product design and detail engineering; the other involves market research and marketing analysis. We have employed the eight phases of product development to all our products we have brought to market. These products solve everyday problems people like me and others have said "I wish I had a product that would do". Our products are not targeted to any one industry, just the problems we had a solution for. Our products can be seen by using the dropdown "Products" button.

Business Services Portfolio

Weather you are interested in starting a business or have an established operation, there is always a need to stay current. Our business services encompasses startup activities on through an existing business review, and sustainment. For startups, we can deliver busines and/or marketing plans specifically for the business, internet access, email, and other web services to name a few. For all businesses, financing (or lack of) is the make or break proposition.  We offer business plan and Marketing plan development services specificallly tailored to the new or existing business. Extensive research is done during preparation of these plans so that accurate and effective decisions can be made contributing to success of the business. These decisions are often used to secure financing as they show the business has been thoroughly thought through.
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We are always working on a new product as a result of talking with our partners or our own innovations. If you would like to stay notified when we release a new product, please signup for our monthly newsletter and follow us on twitter. If you have a product and would like assistance bringing it to market, we will gladly share our secrets and contacts. Marketing others companies products is not our primary objective and we avoid any perception that we will help inventors market their products like many companies today.
We are in the services market as a result of struggling to build our own operations. What we bring to the table under services is knowledge of the market and business to offer so that you can establish your own operations faster and certainly more efficiently for new business managers. With our "all in one" offering" you can sole-source many aspects of any new  business resulting in lower operating activities and costs. We truly want to be your business partner as long as you see value during startup and sustainment.
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