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Engineering Sciences & Technology is dedicated to doing two things well. Develop
and bring new products to market, assist individuals and businesses with bringing
their new products to market, and implementing security to defend IT systems
against unauthorized access / hacking. We have developed and marketed
consumer products that solve problems we faced. Over the course of six years,
we have launched and sell six unique consumer products. On the technology
front, with over 30 years in the technology business, we have see a lot of projects
go well and a lot that have not. We would like to share our expertise in either
Launching New Products

Bringing new products to market can be fraught with problems including losing
control of your invention. Having developed and marketed several consumer
products ourselves, we can certainly help you bring yours to market efficiently
and inexpensively. Part of what we do is determine if a product can be
produced at a price that can show value based on the problem it solves.
IT System Security

System hacking is not a new phenomenon. You're hearing more about it due
to the magnitude of the problem and the companies who have fallen victim.
The sad thing is is that many of these hacks did not have to happen. Here are
some of the reasons I've been told by some of the victims why they could not
implement deep security.

1. Excessive system overhead
2. It's too expensive
3. We don't feel we need it
4. We have sufficient security in place.

Again, these companies have been hacked, we have the solution that could
have prevented the attack and/or alerted someone during the intrusion. Allow
us to put our 30+ years of experience in place.
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Upcoming Projects
1. Implementing Database Security
2. Hardening New Systems
3. Retrofitting Existing IT Systems
4. Starting a New Business ?
5. Bringing Products to Market

We are in the final steps of our book detailing how to
implement simple to complex security for IT systems.
The book covers how things got so out of control, how
to implement secure systems from scratch, and how to
determine if an existing system can be retrofitted with
advanced security. We also cover how to determine if
an existing system could be outfitted or should be
scrapped in favor of total replacement.

As you can imagine, there are a LOT of decision points
for determining the path forward for a retrofit.
Although no two situations are the same,  you are given
enough information to make an educated decision.

We also have a section detailing performance impacts
on an encrypted database and a non-encrypted
database. The reason for the chapter is to dispel the
rumors that encryption technology will not adequately
perform in a high transaction environment.

ETA is Q3 2019
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