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Engineering Sciences & Technology is dedicated to doing many things well.
Develop and bring new products to market, assist individuals and
businesses with bringing their new products to market, and implementing
security to defend IT systems against unauthorized access / hacking. We
have developed and marketed consumer products that solve problems we
faced. Over the course of six years, we have launched and sell six unique
consumer products. On the technology front, with over 30 years in the
technology business, we have see a lot of projects go well and a lot that
have not. We would like to share our expertise in either category.
Launching New Products

Bringing new products to market can be fraught with problems including
losing control of your invention. Having developed and marketed several
consumer products ourselves, we can certainly help you bring yours to
market efficiently and inexpensively. Part of what we do is determine if a
product can be produced at a price that can show value based on the
problem it solves.
IT System Security
System hacking is not a new phenomenon. You're hearing more
about it due to the magnitude of the problem and the companies
who have fallen victim. The sad thing is is that many of these hacks
did not have to happen. Here are some of the reasons I've been told
by some of the victims why they could not implement deep security.

1. Excessive system overhead
2. It's too expensive
3. We don't feel we need it
4. We have sufficient security in place.

Again, these companies have been hacked, we have the solution
that could have prevented the attack and/or alerted someone
during the intrusion. Allow us to put our 30+ years of experience in
1. Ten Pillars of IT System Security
2. Implementing Database Security
3. Database Redaction
4. Encryption vs. No Encryption Performance
5. Server Hardening
6. Retrofitting Existing IT Systems
7. Starting a New Business ?
8. Bringing Products to Market

Secured by Design

Packed with lessons learned over a 40 year career, this series of
book offers methods for securing the entire stack from prying
eyes. Click Table of Contents to see what has been covered.

                   Pages - 1140
         ISBN - 978-1-7349512-0-2 (Softcover - $54.95)
         ISBN - 978-1-7349512-1-9 (eBook - $34.99 US)

Oracle Enterprise Manager CLOUD Control

This is a real world implementation guide for the most
potent monitoring and environment system
administration platform available. Click image
for full details.

                   Pages - 560            ETA Q4, 2022
               ISBN - 978-1-7349512-2-6 (Softcover - $34.95)
               ISBN - 978-1-7349512-3-3 (eBook - $24.95)

Enterprise Manager, Cloud Control
Table of Contents Purchase eBook
Secured By Design
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